05.07 2017

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In an outstanding private school called Integrale, Charles Rosier (http://dooid.me) spent two years in class to prepare for ESCP Europe. It was in the year 1996, at Lehman Brothers, when Charles Rosier started his profession before becoming the head of finance at Goldman Sachs Bank, shortly after joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. His interests include extreme sports, environmental activities, culture and studies.

Charles Rosier's Chosen Career Path

In 1999, Charles Rosier was offered a great job at Goldman Sachs (GMS). After accepting the offer, he was instantly hired as their Managing Director. The appointment of this gentleman at Lehman Brothers in 1996 was his first step towards a better future. He then went to UBS Warburg and became the manager of their Debt Capital Market Division in 1997. Having 30 years of experience in working with international markets, BTG Pactual currently employs 2,500 personnel. Charles Rosier eventually became a member of BTG Pactual in August 2010. He became a partner at BTG Pactual, an investment bank situated in Latin America.

Programmes in Promoting Culture

His splendid support for a famous French female performer was a fantastic example of his passion for culture and music. Multiple charitable and cultural activities are supported by Charles Rosier. His support for a popular French singer and a Silver Lion-winning movie are great evidence of this statement. Music and singing are what Charles Rosier likes. Furthermore, he loves to watch movies, which made him fall in love with French culture.

Eco-Friendly Projects of Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier supported Luci MPOWERD, a clean and renewable power solution-provider. He helped the company to build solutions that are more innovative. He has played a significant role in promoting environmental consciousness and has helped poor countries in developing energy and power sectors. To effectively develop lanterns and other energy solutions, Charles Rosier extended his help by making an investment in MPOWERD. MPOWERD has supplied energy to more than 25 countries around the planet as a result. For poor countries to get cost-effective energy solutions, MPOWERD created LED lanterns.